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Are you struggling with your Private Student Loans? Is interest accumulating, causing your balance to rise? We have numerous programs to help!

Student Loan ApplicationAre you Struggling with Private Student Loans?


Are you struggling to make your Private Student Loan payments? Have you fallen behind? So many people are overwhelmed, and often don’t know where to turn. Debt Specialist Group has programs available for Private Student Loans that may help. Even if you can make the monthly payments from your original school loans, you may still want to consider consolidating to lower your payments and free up money for bills with higher interest rates. These include credit cards and personal loans, neither of which have tax-deductible interest. Give us a call today and find out just how much we can save you!


Debt free coupleExamples of Different options for Private Student Loans


  • Private Student Loan Consolidation – This option will help you consolidate your outstanding student loan debt into one low monthly payment. This is a great option for individuals who are on time with their payments, and have a good credit score they want to maintain. Every situation is different, but generally, we recommend starting with this option.


  • Debt Settlement for Private Student Loans – This option (which is explained in the Debt Resolution section of the website) is a good fit for individuals that are behind on payments or struggling to keep up. We still recommend trying for a loan first. But if you get denied because of your credit or debt-to-income ratio, Debt Resolution might be just what you are looking for!


  • Debt Resolution Loan for Private Student Loans – This option is a good happy medium between the two programs above. With this option you get a loan to pay off your Debt Resolution program and pay the loan back as if you would a traditional consolidated loan. This allows clients to accelerate the time it takes to complete a traditional Debt Resolution program.


  • Home Equity Loan – With this option a client takes equity from their home to pay down outstanding debts (Like Private Student Loans, Credit Cards, Medical Bills, Etc.). This is something generally done to lower the interest rate on the debt owed.