The Debt Specialist Group

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Are you struggling with debt? We have numerous programs that offer relief for all debt types.

Multiple Financial Solutions

Debt Resolution

Are you looking to lower the total amount of your debt with the assistance of professional negotiators? Debt Resolution may be the route for you.

Private Student Loan Relief

Are you struggling with your Private Student Loans? Is interest accumulating, causing your balance to rise? We have numerous programs to help!

Debt Resolution

Consolidation Loans

Through our network of Lenders, we offer Student Loan Refinancing, Personal Loans for Consolidating Credit Card Debt, and even Home Improvement Loans.

Tax Relief

Do you need help with your taxes? We have tax professionals that can help with back taxes, liens, levies, and even wage garnishments.

Couple looking for federal student loan relief

Federal Student Loan Relief

Did you know the Loan Forgiveness Programs for Federal Student Loans are free? Call us today and we can point you in the right direction!

Business Debt Relief

Do you need help building your business credit, accessing tradelines & loans, or simply getting existing debt under control? We got you covered!

How Our Process Works


Free Consultation

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Step 1 is a Free Consultation. Give us a call today at (800) 748-1774 or schedule an appointment by clicking here. You will be connected to a Debt Specialist that is knowledgeable in multiple debt relief services.


Compare Options

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We will give you the pros and cons of every option, helping you narrow down your choices based on your specific needs. This can also be used as a question-and-answer session to help you gain more clarity for the different plans available.


Choose Best Plan

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By this point you will have a good understanding of options, and which one may be the most appropriate for you. Now, it’s just a matter of letting us know which plan you have chosen so we can get you set up for success.


Start Saving

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Now that you are saving money let’s put it to good use. Be sure to check out the Free Resources section of the website for helpful Money/Budgeting Tips, eBooks, Financial Calculators, and other useful tools designed to help you with your finances.